Pacific Egg Donors

​​​Pacific Egg Donors, Inc.

One of the oldest, largest and most well known full service egg donor agencies locally owned on the West Coast.  We help connect couples from all over the world to what they need for success with egg donation: a wonderful donor of virtually any ethnic background and a very experienced medical team.

Many families are looking for donors from Hawaii because of our incredibly diverse and beautiful population. We specialize in Asian Egg Donors; such as Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian egg donors.  However, we don't limit our database to only Asian Egg Donors, we have a wide variety of other ethnicities from Italian, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Danish to Portuguese egg donors.  Our program matches recipient couples from across the United States with healthy, caring egg donors.  One of our unique services, is we offer our recipients and egg donors 24 hour / 7 days a week services with a dedicated one-on-one coordinator.  We do our best to be there for each of our recipients and egg donors for 24 hour / 7 days a week support
(via email, phone or text messaging services).

Our staff members have experience facilitating egg donation, IVF and surrogacy processes on the mainland and internationally. We maintain a trusted network of medical and legal professionals that help care for our clients.  Our agency is approved by ASRM and SART as an accredited egg donor agency and we only work with physicians/clinics who strictly adhere to ASRM & SART guidelines.

We are now able to work with frozen eggs from a fresh donor cycle in Hawaii to transport them safely to an out of the area infertility center*, through our trusted network of infertility doctors.  If paying for a donor's travel expenses is not in your budget, please ask us about this option to freeze eggs and transport them to your local infertility center.

*Please note this service is not  available in New York and may not be available in other states, please consult with your doctor.

Pacific Egg Donors Inc is Licensed by the New York State Department of Health
Pacific Egg Donors Inc is Compliant with the Guidelines Established by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

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